Pellegrini: ‘We played nine points in a very important week’

Pellegrini has analyzed this Friday the game of Sunday against the Valencia, a rival who is not going through a good time but has a “great team mentality”, so the Betic coach predicts a complicated clash in a week “very important” for the interests of the BetisAfter that match, Athletic and Real Madrid are measured and on Saturday they will be very aware of what happens in the Copa del Rey, since the advantage of a point that the Verdiblancos currently have over the first team that can be snatched from them a European place can be expanded to eight in the event that the final is won by FC Barcelona.

“Valencia is always a difficult opponent. Perhaps he is not doing the season that many expected, but he has a good squad and they are used to fighting for the upper zone. We will have to work hard, we want to overcome them at home. They have a big team mentality and are used to fighting up front. I see him as a difficult opponent. I know Javi Gracia, his technician. Perhaps his season is being a bit irregular, but with very good games, “said Pellegrini.

Regarding the week that begins this Saturday with the Cup final, in which a Barça triumph would greatly favor Betis interests, the Chilean coach has commented that “it is a very important week. The possibility of the Cup final, if there is a more or less quota for UEFA. We played nine points in a very important week, with two games at home and then against Real Madrid away. But the mathematics have to be exact and then there will be fifteen points to be contested, it is not decisive, but a very important week ”.

Pellegrini, faced with certain confusing information, is clear that “the fifth classified in LaLiga will go to UEFA yes or yes”, whatever happens in the Cup final or what Villarreal does in the Europa League. The people of Castellón, by the way, will face Arsenal again, which Pellegrini has already faced twice when he trained the yellow submarine: “Jugamios against them in the semifinals of the Champions League and in the quarter-finals, when they were one of the most powerful of the world. That tie brings back very good memories and I wish Villarreal the best now. I don’t think that double duel with Arsenal will reduce their performance in LaLiga, as they have a great squad, trained to face two competitions ”.

He watches his team well for the final stretch

Pellegrini also looks good to his team for the final stretch: “I see the squad physically very well. In all the games we have had the initiative until the end. We have not taken refuge on the scoreboard and that is based on good physical condition. I see it very whole. Now there are three games in six days and regulating that physical well without forgetting the technical part will be important ”.

Apart from the Cup final, another game that the Betis will be very aware of will be Real Sociedad – Sevilla FC on Sunday in Anoeta, on which Pellegrini cleverly does not get wet when it comes to showing a predilection for a result: “It’s a party that is influencing what we do. As it does not depend on us, what we want does not matter; what I want is to beat Valencia at 6.15 pm ”.

And against Valencia there may be news up front, where Joaquín and Fekir played last week and this Sunday Loren could do it, because Borja Iglesias is not yet one hundred percent: “For the game against Atlético we estimated that it was good for different reasons that different players arrived from the second row with technical capacity and mobility. They are all different games and we are going to see for this one which is the most convenient way to beat Valencia. Depending, also, on the availability of the players. We have 48 hours to make mistakes as little as possible ”.