Pellegrini: ‘There should be an improvement in the squad’

Manuel Pellegrini technician of Real Betis , has passed this Tuesday on the airwaves of Radio Sevilla and Radio Marca, where he has analyzed the development of last season and the plans for the next, for which he is already working hand in hand with Antonio Cordon and the Betic managers with the idea of ​​reinforcing a squad for which he has not spared praise and whose potential he has considered as one of the keys to the success of this recently concluded season. “The most important thing is to have a good squad. And with three competitions next season the challenge is greater and there should be an improvement in the squad, “said the Chilean, who is in favor of keeping the best players -despite the club’s financial needs-, unless a succulent one arrives dizzying for some of them, because when it comes to supplying them, “it is not easy to find good, beautiful and cheap footballers.” In this sense, he has made it clear that he has heavy weights such as Fekir, Canales and William Carvalho: “William will be a very important player for next season.”

“You have to have a more competitive, more numerous and experienced team, but there is also an economic reality with ‘fair play’ and the salary mass. There is a reality from which one cannot escape ”, said Pellegrini, he has not spared praise for the footballers who have had this season under his command, who a year earlier finished 15th and have managed to be 6th. “I think that the more difficulties there are in the achievements, the more value they have. We came with a very disappointing previous season for the fans and the players who were very willing to achieve the achievements and we did it with effort and a lot of commitment ”.

“I think that one has to demand from the players for the capacity that one thinks they have and also there was a consensus in the group that the previous season had not been up to par and I believe that there is a double improvement. They tried to overcome the negative moments through work, effort and commitment ”, has analyzed the Chilean, who considers the improvement in the defensive balance key. “With 32 goals against (those that Betis had at the end of the first round) it is very difficult to achieve achievements. I think the statistics are to get information and we went from being the last defense to being the second with 18 (the goals conceded in the second round). I think that if a team wants to be there it is very difficult if they concede more than one goal per game once the ball is lost, we need the commitment of everyone in the recovery and they understood that well ”.

Pellegrini also analyzed the evolution that the Betic squad has had since their arrival last summer, in which they only arrived as reinforcements, at zero cost but most of them offering very good performance, players like Claudio Bravo, Víctor Ruiz, Juan Miranda and Martín Montoya , and the needs in the next transfer market: “Unfortunately, no one could be brought in and several left. Last summer they arrived with pass four so I think it gives double merit to what the team has achieved. The future indicates the need for us to enter into European competition. I think we all want to have a good performance and then understand that LaLiga cannot be neglected. But there is also an economic reality, but the club is studying the best way to have the most competitive squad possible ”, explained the Chilean coach.

In this sense, Pellegrini already held a first meeting on Monday with Antonio Cordón, Alexis Trujillo, president Ángel Haro and the vice president, José Miguel López Catalán, in which the priorities for the start of this summer market were outlined, which after The signing of goalkeeper Rui Silva is to sign a right back and a center back to cover the absences of two indisputable starters like Emerson and Mandi, who are leaving.