Pellegrini: ‘The team does not break down with the scoreboard against’

The coach of the Real
Betis, the Chilean Manuel
Pellegrini, stressed that his team “trusts in what he does and does not break down with the scoreboard against him as it happened before, that losing each one tried to win the war on his own”, which is why he considered that he has come back this Monday against the Alaves (3-2).

Pellegrini He indicated, in any case, that “the first half”, which ended 0-2, “does not reflect what happened on the field, but rest was essential” when he asked his men “not to play with the scoreboard on their heads” until achieve a comeback that “leaves him happy and proud”, since “the team never lowers its arms”.

The Verdiblanco coach was satisfied after the meeting because “what is worked during the week is done during the games” and insisted that “The first half was not bad”, although he was able to reverse the score because he has “variants to change” and a team that “showed maturity.”

“It was important to have been focused,” he stressed Pellegrini, who praised the French playmaker Nabil
Fekir, fresh out of a muscle injury and “did not want him to play more than 65 minutes”, but was replaced in the final moments after playing “a very complete game.”

“The team played around him; then, the attacking players who came out looked for spaces, but always in order, “he said.

The Andean coach recalled that the comeback occurs because “an eleven starts and there are important players on the bench” who await their opportunity with “a tremendous commitment”, and highlighted the role of veterans like his compatriot Claudio Bravo Y Joaquin Sanchez, who “are the first to demand: a supportive team is more important than having names.”

A) Yes, Pellegrini He stopped at his captain, Joaquin, who “is 39 years old and cannot play every game from the start, wants to start, rebels, does not lower his arms, although he is never in a bad mood and demands a lot”, adding that “he is a symbol” and “His rebellion allows him to continue being fundamental”, and “the same happens with -the goalkeeper Claudio- Bravo, although now he is not playing”.