Pellegrini: ‘The Super League is an idea to destroy national football’

Manuel Pellegrini has assured this Tuesday that the possible implementation of the European Super League would be tremendously harmful for football: “The Super League would affect national football everywhere. The Champions League is very important; teams are ranked by merit, not by history. Can always be improved, but I think that the basic competition, of the country’s football and the feelings of the fans, is precisely in the national football. The better LaLiga is and the television distribution is equal, the better the support of football and the training of all the players. That would be an idea to destroy national football ”

Pellegrini knows a similar experiment closely, the South American Club League, that it wanted to start up in 2016 and of which teams such as Boca, River, San Lorenzo, Racing, Universidad de Chile, Universidad Católica, Colo Colo, Liga de Quito, Olimpia, Cerro Porteño, Melgar, Sporting Cristal were ‘founders’ , Nacional, Peñarol and River from Uruguay, which were also joined by the Brazilians Corinthians, Inter from Porto Alegre and Sao Paulo. “That idea did not prosper in South America. I don’t think it’s good not to value merit to go to European competitions. Nor do I see a Spanish league without the big three. The stronger the national leagues, the more attractive for the public and the better for the national teams ”, said the Real Betis coach in this regard.

For the formation of players it would be very bad for LaLiga to lose status because the best teams are not there. A league in Spain would not be understandable without the three best teams; but the one who does it better has to go to Europe and stay in the First Division and the one who does it worse must go down to the Second Division ”, he added.