Pellegrini takes 29 footballers to Switzerland in the final

The rain and the cool (16º of temperature, less than half of what it was in Seville at the time of departure) have received this Wednesday afternoon to the expedition of the Real Betis in Swiss lands, where he will make his first stage
preseason until next July 17. Finally there have been 29 footballers who have displaced Manuel Pellegrini, as the Ivorian midfielder Paul Akouokou does not travel with the group, with the club’s permission to resolve personal matters and that he will return to training when he returns from this first stage, as the player is to Pellegrini’s taste and will continue to be part of the squad Betic this next season.

The Real Betis expedition arrived at the Zurich airport at around 7:00 p.m. and from there traveled by coach – an hour and a half – to Bad Ragaz, in the canton of Sankt Gallen, where the Verdiblanco group has set up its headquarters (Hotel Grand Resort) and will stay until next July 17. The players settled in their rooms, had dinner and went to rest, as the first preseason training is scheduled for this Thursday morning.

Real Betis will remain in Swiss lands for nine days, as it will end the stage on July 17 with the dispute of a friendly match against the team from the town of Winterthur starting at 3pm, before ending the stage and returning to the capital of Seville.

They reach 15,000 subscribers

Real Betis has reported this Wednesday night that it has already reached the figure of 15,000 subscribers, just 48 after the fully online season ticket renewal campaign began, which is having an extraordinary reception among Betis fans, many from which already have a good part of the subscription paid, since the money they advanced last year is deducted for this.