Pellegrini: ‘It is important to beat the teams around us’

Manuel Pellegrini It has all the players available, except Camarasa and Dani Martín, for this Friday’s clash against Levante, currently ranked ninth and who beat them 4-3 in the first round match after reaching 4-1. “Levante is one of the teams that better play soccer in this league; We have to be defensively focused, improve what we did there, where they made us a couple of goals that are not easily repeated … we did three and we did not add. They are three very important points ”, said the Betic coach this Thursday at a press conference.

After receiving Levante and the break, Betis will visit Elche and then they will face Atlético (1st), Athletic (10th) and Real Madrid (3rd). The Verdiblancos maintain this campaign a curious statistic, they have only won one game out of thirteen against the top ten and have twelve victories – out of fourteen – against the last ten. A baggage that Pellegrini has analyzed in detail.

“That depends on many factors, it is important to beat the teams around us, there are many teams that beat Real Madrid but then are in the relegation zone. We have to know the teams with which we cannot tangle points. Then there are other teams well above our budget and our squad, against those we must try not to change the game mechanics too much. Against Real Sociedad we won, we drew and lost, against Villarreal we won and we drew, both of them surpass us in budget. Against Real Madrid and Atlético we played good games, but we were left with ten players and we lost. The Barcelona we won the games well and against him Seville We wasted a penalty to win the first and in the other derby everyone agrees that the result was not fair, we have to see how it is lost and how this team plays against rivals who are superior in budget. The campaign in general, so far, is in line with what we expected, perhaps better for what many expected and perhaps worse for the great optimists. The campaign so far is in accordance with what we were expecting, there are eleven more games left and the difference in points that occurs is going to be important ”.

Pellegrini has been questioned again, as almost always by a possible change in goal, since there are now five games that Claudio Bravo has played as Joel Robles’ substitute: “We have a squad to play in the Cup and League, in both we have had variations in the formations to do the best possible, both in goal and in other positions, it depends on many, many factors. Claudio has done good and bad, Joel has done good and bad, like all the players during the season. You have to take into account what is the best for the team, one tries to make the least possible mistakes in the starting eleven and then there are the changes during the game, tomorrow we will see which is the best eleven for the party regardless of the names ”.

The objective of qualify for Europe They all have it between an eyebrow and an eyebrow: “It is an answer that I give almost every week. We go match by match, beating the rival on duty, the team’s regularity must be demonstrated in order to be in a certain place in the table, with performance that now allows us to have an illusion that must be crystallized on the field. The game against Sevilla was very special, but there are eleven more finals, if we keep up the performance, hopefully it will allow us the score to reach the club’s goal ”.