Pedro Porro, pending Luis Enrique

Joint is already, at 21, an idol in the Sporting
Portugal. He has won the League, he is a winger with a lot of claw and, after injuring himself in the last game, he will not be with the Spanish Under-21 in the Eurocup, so he hastens his recovery so that he can call him Lewis
Enrique. Porro confesses in an interview with the EFE Agency that for him it would be “a pride” to attend the European Championship.

The player, who belongs to Manchester City, arrived last summer in Lisbon and in a year has catapulted himself with Sporting, which earned him his debut with the Spanish senior. He is clear that he will continue at the Portuguese club next season, since the loan was for two seasons. He also has words of encouragement for the coach who made him debut with Girona, Eusebio, with whom he is very in contact and whom he wishes to see again in the world of football.

A successful season after winning the Portuguese League and debuting with the absolute of Spain

Very happy, with a bitter part, for the injury. But winning a championship is not won every day.

The secret to putting the Sporting fans in your pocket?

I am a player who likes to fight a lot. I never give up. It is what characterizes this hobby, the claw, fighting to the end, and that gives me a plus, because I am a player who gives everything. I have fallen here very well and I am also very happy.

A lot of passion for football in Lisbon …

They were 19 years without winning a League. The important thing is that we won the championship, we dedicated it to them, who were there all year. A big club like Sporting de Portugal, for me, who has seen fans, is the best of all.

Radical change in Pedro Porro when he arrived in Lisbon

It’s true that I didn’t watch so much football here (Portugal), but I did have players I knew, like Pepelu. Since I got here, from the first game one, I already knew the physique they had here. I adapted very well with the passage of the games. And as the president said the other day, we have competed as Sporting Club de Portugal competes.

They have given him the confidence he needed, haven’t they?

Since my agent told me, it had a great impact on me, since Sporting is a great club and it came from not playing (at Real Valladolid), from not having confidence. He knew he was playing five and could be an important piece. It has been shown that when they give me confidence I can be a great of the team. I looked for a hole in the starting eleven and I have no complaints, they welcomed me very, very well, I am very happy here.

Porro, Pote, Palhinha, Nuno Mendes, great discoveries of Sporting and now in their national teams …

I knew that Pote, Palhinha and Nuno Mendes were going to go to the Eurocup. Pote, the top scorer in the championship, Palhinha has had a spectacular season. Nuno Mendes is one of the best, if not the best left-back of the young, for his age I haven’t seen a left-back like him. Portugal takes very powerful players. They are big.

How is the injury going?

We are recovering, I have gone out for a run and to see if I can be available. When I got injured I felt very bad. I’m better, really. It was a muscle strain and is progressing very well.

Do you see yourself stopping Nuno Mendes on June 4 in the Spain-Portugal?

I am delighted, I train with him every day and I know him very well. It would be a great joy for each of us to be with their national team and it would be a source of pride, because we are doing things very well.

The injury deprives him of going to the U21 Euro Cup, but maybe Luis Enrique summons him …

I’m screwed, because I wanted to be in the U21 European Championship. I spoke with the coach, Luis de la Fuente, and I told him: I’m annoyed, this has happened to me. I was going to go with the U21, if everything went well, I was supposed to go. With the coach I have great confidence, football things that can happen. We will see the Eurocup, it is in danger, but hey, I can’t say no because maybe it evolves very well and I can go.

The new generation: Eric, Ferrán, Pedri, Olmo. And Porro is part of it

It would be a pride to be next to those players who are in great clubs. I have shared a dressing room with them and we get along very well.

Valladolid plays this Saturday, a key game for the League and for the permanence of Pucela

I have affection for Valladolid and I want Valladolid to win.

The beginnings of Pedro Porro were of a lot of sacrifice, right?

They were in Don Benito, where I was born. Until I was 9 years old I played in a futsal team with friends, which I have now since I was little. Then I went to Rayo Vallecano when I was 14 years old and it was hard for me: leaving your family, being away from your parents is not easy. My grandfather Antonio, who has taken me up and down and I will always be very grateful to him. When I finished junior first year, Girona signed me, I played there in the Honor Division, then I did the preseason with Eusebio’s first team and I already stayed there.

Eusebio earring, right?

Yes, I am pending. Hopefully he will return as soon as possible. The person that he is, since I was in the first team, he welcomed me very well. A humble person and for me one of the best coaches I have ever had, the calm he has to work.

Tell me about your future

I have a contract here at Sporting. I signed for two years and I have no doubts.

And what about Adam?

He is a great goalkeeper. Always has been. At his age to do what he has done … He has been the best goalkeeper in the major leagues and we hope he continues like this.