Pedro Aguado uncovers the hidden truth behind ‘Hermano Mayor’: ‘I had a very bad time’

Just a few days ago, Dakota tarraga surprised in the program ‘The Nova Normalitat‘(TeveCat) with some statements about’Older brother‘Which caused a lot of commotion. “When they came from‘ Big Brother, my problem was consumption, so they gave me to consume to see what my attitude was like“Said the young woman about the program in which she became known. Has now been Pedro Garcia Aguado, who was its presenter, who has spoken of the format openly.

In a chat with Naim Thomas on Twitch, the former water polo player has clarified that in ‘Big Brother’ “it was all real”. However, it has acknowledged that the program put teenagers to the limit to generate more interest, something that finally began to “distort”. He has even assured that there was a case in which he reached the limit and said that he could not take it anymore. “I was a young man very addicted to drugs, and before I started recording I said that I put my face and my stamp on that program if after ten days of recording they took him to a detox center“, has explained.

Pedro García Aguado on ‘Hermano Mayor’: “The director’s daughter of p *** did not comply”

However, García Aguado then revealed that the program did not comply and has been extremely critical: “The director’s daughter of f *** did not comply and I paid her income from my money. The problem is that he ran away from the center and stabbed his grandmother because she had grass”. “At that time, they will not remember the face of the daughter of p ***, but that of Pedro García Aguado,” he continued. In addition, he has criticized that “many times” they limited him from the direction of the program to not being able to help them anymore because they needed 40 minutes of recording with tension, but they allowed themselves to be helped even off-camera ”.

The former athlete has also explained that he decided to leave ‘Big Brother’ in 2015 because he was on the edge and because his mother’s illness was linked to that. “I’ve helped people, but I had a really bad time. In fact, I set many limits and that is why, to this day, I’m not on TV”, He confessed during the conversation on Twitch.

Pedro García Aguado reacts to the statements of Dakota Tárraga

Likewise, García Aguado has also spoken about the statements of Dakota Tárraga. She herself qualified her own words after saying that from the program “they gave her to consume”. “When I talk about substances, I talk about alcohol, because that was my problem. Just like they gave me alcohol, because they would give a fat man food for the first two days to see his reaction, ”he said. In that sense, the former presenter has said that he believes that “everything has been misunderstood a bit” and that “she is not 100% correct with the words she uses”.

One thing is that they give you and another thing is that they allow you, which is what happened. It is true that possibly the production company paid what they had taken in the bar or at the disco, and that was how drunk he came to my first meeting with her, because he came from recording those scenes ”, explained the ex-athlete. “I, for the part that touches me, I am calm, since what was followed in other cases, because everyone respected me with the decision to remove all the drugs from the house for me. Although it is true that These statements damage the image of the program a bit and people do not remember the team, but me”, He lamented.

Pedro García Aguado reacts to Dakota Tárraga’s statements about ‘Hermano Mayor’.