Paz Padilla’s ‘dart’ at his ex-husband, Albert Ferrer

Paz Padilla She is going through her most delicate moments as a result of the death of her husband, Antonio Vidal, as a result of the brain tumor that she was diagnosed with a year ago. The couple met when they were only 14 and 17 years old and they were dating for a time, but their ways separated when the actress moved to live in Madrid. There she married Albert Ferrer, who is the father of his only daughter, Anna Ferrer Padilla.

The truth is that after separating from the father of her daughter, Paz and Antonio They reunited and formed a happy family with the presenter’s daughter, Anna, who has always been with her stepfather in these difficult times.

Thus, Paz Padilla has wanted to thank her daughter for the support that she has always dedicated to Antonio Vidal before he died and, by the way, he has sent a ‘message’ to his ex about the union that existed between the three.

“You did not let go of his hand, you were at the foot of his bed, you gave him so much love !!! You could have fled like others did (out of cowardice), but your love for him, your love for me, has been so much … that it cushions my pain a little and calms me, because I know that you will do for me what we did for him. , accompany him to his last breath with a smile, wishing him the best of travel and saying thank you for being the father I would have liked to have. My warrior of life !!! I love you Anna And you know what Antonio He will protect you and send us a gift, we will see him again in Valhalla ”, writes the presenter in response to the farewell publication that her daughter dedicated to her husband.

And it has already been shown how united they were Anna and Antonio. “I liked the family we formed. I can never thank you for everything you have taught me. I know that you will continue taking care of us as you always did. Go ahead, I love you ”, he adds.