Paz Padilla, positive for coronavirus

The actress and presenter of ‘Save me’, Paz Padilla (51) has tested positive for coronavirus. The comedian is fine and has mild symptoms of the disease, as explained by the woman from Cádiz through her Instagram profile.

Paz Padilla is a firm defender of all security measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19, but not even for those has she been able to avoid getting the disease.

The presenter a few days ago asked that television professionals be included in the priority group for vaccination. “We work without masks. We are the only workers, I don’t know anyone, even the dentists wear two masks ”, he acknowledged.

Comedian Paz Padilla

Paz Padilla must remain confined for the next 15 days and in turn, away from her work on television. “Effectively. I have tested positive for Covid. This morning I woke up with a bit of a headache and I called a friend who has an outpatient center to get tested. The antigen test was positive and both PCR tests were positive.

The humorist, with mild symptoms. “I feel fine, at home. I have a friend (immunologist) who has given me a series of recommendations. We will see, I am confined below (house) and Anna (her daughter) is above. ANDI’m wearing gloves and a mask, and I’m not leaving here “, has explained in an Instagram video.