Paula Echevarría shares the reality of her body after giving birth: ‘What’s still there?’

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres became parents on April 11. The actress gave birth to Miguel Jr. at the Montepríncipe Hospital in Madrid. Since then, the Asturian has not stopped sharing how the arrival of the newborn in their lives has been.

But this Thursday Paula She wanted to be honest with her followers and also show the other side of motherhood. In a video that he has uploaded to his account Instagram, where she has more than 3.5 million followers, has shown her body just 4 days after giving birth.

“If the baby is already outside … what’s in there still? Is it happiness that takes place? ”, The ex-footballer’s partner writes next to some images that focus on the belly he still has despite the fact that Miguel Jr. has already been born.

Paula Echevarria and Miguel Torres

As expected, the comments have not been long in coming. Not only her fans have applauded the actress’s sincerity at such a stage, but also her professional colleagues have added messages to the publication of Paula.

“What there is is reality,” writes one user. “You are beautiful,” writes another. This and another endless message for the actress, who is now experiencing one of her best moments.