Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres reveal their ‘convulsed’ romance

Now they are two happy mom and dad, but it hasn’t always been like that. The couple formed by the actress Paula Echevarría and the ex-footballer Miguel Torres placeholder image They have confessed that the beginning of their romance was somewhat “turbulent” and was, in fact, plagued with setbacks.

This has been revealed to Jesús Calleja in the Planeta Calleja program. The couple, who traveled to Kenya to record the show in February 2020, before the pandemic broke out, have opened up with Jesús Calleja and shared some little-known details of their relationship.

“Are you, can we say, in love again?” Calleja to Echevarría, to which the actress has responded without hesitation: “Totally.”

Paula Echevarría He has also told that it was Miguel Torres placeholder image who had the initiative to start getting to know each other better after having met again on the birthday of a friend in 2017.

“He lived abroad because his job had to be abroad, he lived in Marbella. I lived in Madrid, with my daughter, and I couldn’t move either. Then, apart, we were at a time when everything was very turbulent around ”, the actress recognized Jesús Calleja.

The beginnings, as has been assured Paula EchevarríaThey were not easy: “We met one day, we started talking on the phone, first with a message, then calling … And so we spent almost three months until we saw each other.”

“How can you start a courtship over the phone?” “Old fashioned,” the former Real Madrid player replied, adding that “the desire to touch, kiss, see, is the last thing you need.”

“I got married, I got divorced and life evolves. I was lucky to meet Paula and she changed my life ”, he explained. The former footballer later joked that “if she wants to get married, let her ask me.”