Pau Torres: ‘Arsenal were also favorites and we eliminated them’

Villarreal defender Pau Torres said on Tuesday that his team is prepared for the final of the Europa League on Wednesday against Manchester United, a duel that they face knowing that the English team is favorite, but recalled that “so was the Arsenal and we eliminated it ”.

“When you reach a final, you face the best rivals. We face the game as always, analyzing it well, seeing what its virtues are. We have faced great players and we are prepared. We will try to take out our weapons and go for the match, ”Torres explained at the pre-match press conference.

The international defender advanced that they want to take control of the game and not let them run because in an open game they consider United better than them, so he pointed out that “we want to take the duel to our field, if we have the ball, we can hurt them” .

Torres affirmed that it is very special to join in the game with several generations of homegrown players to defend their people in a final, which they have finally reached, and affirmed that they will be up to the task.

“For many it is our first European final. It is the most important game of our career for many of us. We are going to prepare it well to face it with the maximum guarantees ”, he added.

Pau Torres said that, although Villarreal qualified for the final several weeks ago, they had to finish LaLiga and until they have done so, they have not been able to focus on the decisive match.

“We have teammates who have won the competition on several occasions. And the mister. They have to guide us. We really want to face the game, this will replace any possible nerves that we may have for the final, “he said.

Finally, Torres addressed the fans: “I would tell the fans to enjoy every moment and the final. They know how difficult it is. Rest assured, that the team will be at the level of the final and that we will give everything to try to take the cup home, “he concluded.