Patricia Pardo censors a woman live on Telecinco after her praise of Antena 3

Paola’s story He outraged us all when he denounced on television that n
or he could go home squatted in Triana (Seville). The victim, with a minor daughter, reported that she had been unable to enter her home for more than half a month and that thanks to reporting the case, television had been able to evict the squatter.

The ‘enemy’ chains

But the most curious thing happened when, after several days echoing the problem, ‘The summer program’ and público Public mirror ’ran into each other at the scene. This Monday, both programs sent a reporter to the Triana neighborhood to see how Paola’s return to her home took place. Thus, as is usual in these cases, both connected live to talk to the woman.

“It had been more than half a month without going home, because I entered on July 12. I could only enter with ‘Public Mirror’ ”

When it was the turn of ‘The Summer Program’ to interview Paola alone, the woman committed a lapse – understandable by all the emotion of the moment – when thank the competition for their support. While teaching the Telecinco program her home, the woman did not hesitate to thank jo Espejo Público ’for the help:“ I had not been home for more than half a month, because I entered on July 12. I could only enter with entrar Public Mirror ’to try to get them to take my daughter’s toys,” Paola recounted.

The most striking thing is that immediately Patricia Pardo, host of the Telecinco magazine, chose to cut the woman and change the subject, asking about the state of the house.