‘Pasapalabra’: Today is the day that Pablo Díaz makes history and takes the boat? This is the key detail

Everything seems to indicate that, after more than 160 programs, the now mythical contestant Pablo Diaz in the next few days the boat of Pass word. The space presented by Roberto Leal has published a promo in their respective profiles on social networks in which the contestant can be seen holding back tears when he has only one letter left to answer in the final rosco.

As you can see in the images, Pablo he looks at his opponent and nodding makes him understand that he knows the answer. Between applause, the contestant recovers without losing his happy expression. However, the only thing the announcement makes clear is that this will happen “very soon.”

Without a confirmed date, the followers of the program follow the space daily to find out if it is that day in which the participant takes the more than 1,200,000 euros that accumulates the boat.

And the cleverest have deciphered the detail with which to know what day Pablo Díaz will be able to complete the rosco de ‘Pass word’Without any mistakes and therefore enter the history of the program: the shirt. The day the participant wears that gray shirt from the beginning of the program will be the one who takes the boat.

Others have wanted to spin finer and have made their bets taking into account the publications of the aforementioned profile. “Monday: They said” Ay! “3 times. Tuesday: They said it 2 times. Wednesday (today): They said it 1 time. Thursday, that is tomorrow, is supposed to be the boat“Writes a viewer of the program.

However, this hypothesis defended by the user “AlexballM” has not been fulfilled. Viewers of the program will have to wait one more day to see if the violinist wins the precious prize.

Be that as it may, what is clear is that after 160 programs facing the final test of ‘Pass word‘, Pablo Díaz will listen to the “correct one” in his last word and will thus be able to complete the rosco.