‘Pasapalabra’: Roberto Leal reveals what would have happened if Pablo Díaz had won the pot

Everybody hoped that Pablo Diaz will take the pot of ‘Pass word‘Last Thursday after some’ tweets’ that the program made and which suggested that the violinist would complete ‘El Rosco’. Finally, that did not happen and the presenter himself, Roberto Leal, confessed the next day that he was still “recovering” from all the nerves that were experienced on the set the previous day.

“I was going to give Pablo something and me too, I’m still recovering,” the Andalusian started. He then asked: “What would have happened if you took him in a time like this, when you can’t give hugs?” “He would take the boat, I’ll bring my boat,” he pointed out, spray in hand.

“From now on, with 24 (hits), I do like this, I spray on myself, I disinfect myself, and here, the hug, whoever, has to take it. We do PCR, I have it, and even if it takes me five minutes … From now on this will be our boat, that of the presenter and that of the guests ”, stated Leal.

Many viewers complained on social media about the hook posted for making believe that Diaz he was going to take the 1,294,000 euros that the jackpot accumulated. However, at the audience level, the audimeters burst, obtaining the greatest data in history.

Thursday’s show had a 31.8% share, attracting 4.8 million viewers over the course of the show. Although without a doubt, the golden minute, coinciding with ‘El Rosco’, 7.1 million were hooked to the television. Undoubtedly, a great strategy to beat ‘Save me Tomato’, his main persecutor, in his time slot.