‘Pasapalabra’: Indignation over Pablo’s comment

The question contest ‘Pasapalabra’ is giving a lot to talk about these weeks. Day after day, we see how the already known contestants Nacho and Pablo they are on the verge of taking the final pot and both young men are every day more media.

This Wednesday, the contest presented by Roberto Leal, has become trending topic in Spain after a tense finale. On this occasion, Nacho took the donut -not the prize-, with 22 hits, relegating his opponent to the blue chair in the next installment. Pablo did not hesitate to make a comment when the presenter gave the correct answers to the words that Nacho had left unanswered.

“I had Nacho’s 25”

“I had Nacho’s 25, I can’t believe it,” he said. A comment that has caused a lot of excitement on the networks, since the followers of the contest the contestant had already been branded “superb” on several occasions. His words have angered the audience a lot, since they have considered it a gesture of contempt with his partner.

Some of the most repeated reactions to the contestant’s comment.