‘Pasapalabra’, highly criticized for its last program endings: ‘Insufrible’

‘Pass word‘It is undoubtedly one of the programs that adds the most audience on television, and it is that viewers do not miss the already mythical duel who are starring Pablo Díaz and Javier Dávila in each afternoon of the Antena 3 program. The two have been touching the aniseed pot of more than 1,600,000 euros and equality has been the dominant trend in these latest programs.

However, this Friday, May 21, there was an unusual moment in ‘Pasapalabra’ when the two were in the final stretch of ‘El Rosco’. Both contestants play their cards and use strategies, since every detail counts.

But a part of the viewers has criticized the strategy that both have used in the final section of the program. The two had few words left for the boat and many seconds (more than 40 seconds) in their pockets, but they did not want to risk either since a failure could mean a defeat that would condemn either of them to the ‘Blue Chair’.

Pablo Díaz in ‘Pasapalabra’.

Therefore, the two they have decided to go exchanging “word”
until time runs out and stay even. About 20 minutes where the two contestants have limited themselves to following this strategy, which has caused the outrage of a part of the audience that has left their discontent through social networks.