Palma, Levante and ElPozo maintain the pulse for the leadership

Winners this Wednesday and matched to 64 points, Palma, Levante and ElPozoIn that order now in the standings, with the Murcia team with one game less, they maintain their struggle to reach the lead at the end of the regular competition, of which only two days remain.


Palma is the leader of the League, winning by 0-5 in their visit to Jaén Paraíso Interior and leading the compressed podium of the classification, with the same points as Levante and ElPozo. Even so, to be the regular league champion you need at least one defeat from the Murcian club, which has three games left.

Raúl Campos opened the scoring in the first period (0-1, m. 7), but the Balearic block did not enlarge the difference until the second half, when Hamza (0-2, m. 28), Nunes (0-3, m. 29), Claudino (0-4, m. 31) and Fabio (0-5, m. 36) sentenced their third victory in the last four days.


In the last minute, Marc Tolrá defined the revitalizing victory of Levante, winner three days later and on the lookout for the top of the standings, against Movistar Inter, the champion of the Spanish Cup, the Copa del Rey and the Super Cup. , but now with doubts in the League, in which he has four games without a single win.

Nothing else has added a point of the last twelve the Madrid team, sixth in the table and twice ahead on the scoreboard in Valencia. First with the 0-1 of Eric Martel, tied by Esteban; then with the 1-2 by Lucas Tripodi, equaled by Roger. Already in the second half, Esteban made it 3-2, leveled by Borja five minutes from the end and insufficient by Tolrá’s 4-3.


ElPozo Murcia, with one game less than Palma and Levante, maintains its condition of depending on itself to be the winner of the regular competition, after beating Jimbee Cartagena, whom it defeated 3-2 and who was three points away almost definitive to rule him out of the fight for the league top, once he remains fourth, two days from the end.

In the 9th minute, Fernando scored 1-0; in the 11th, Alberto made it 2-0; In the 31st, Miguelín added the 3-0 double penalty. The Murcian team still suffered to win, because, in a minute, in the 33rd, they felt the troubles with Matteus’ 3-1 at own goal and Andresito’s 3-2 to add emotion to the clash, which ended with that score and with ElPozo in the lead trio … And with one less encounter.


The third consecutive victory proposes Industrias Santa Coloma among the strongest contenders to reach the last two access places to the title phase. He already depends on himself to achieve it, after beating Viña Albali Valdepeñas 4-3, dropped to eleventh place with five games without winning.

At halftime, the result was 2-2, due to local goals from Álvarez and Uri Santos and visitors from Mattheus Prea and Nano. In the second half, Bruno Petry, with 3-2 in the 25th minute, gave Santa Coloma the advantage again, enlarged with Sepe’s 4-2 and reduced by Catela in the final moments to the final 4-3.