Paco López will be the coach with the most matches at Levante on Friday

Paco López will convert this Friday, against Real Betis and with 129 games, in the coach with the most official matches directed in the history of Levante, having equaled 128 in the last match Luis Garcia Plaza between 2008 and 2011.

The chair preparer (Valencia) came to the Levante bench in March 2018 and since then has broken practically all the historical records of the Valencian club, especially in the First Division.

Up to now, Paco López has 114 league games and fourteen in the Copa del Rey, a competition in which this season touched the final when it was eliminated by Athletic Club in the extension of the second leg of the semifinals played two weeks ago.

With contract in force until 2022, Paco López He has the opportunity to expand his historical curriculum as a Levantine in which he only needs to improve the classification achieved by his colleague Juan Ignacio Martinez, who finished sixth in 2012.

As sources from Levante have explained to EFE, Paco López’s record could be equaled this Friday by Juan Puig’s, who led the team between 1939 and 1943 and later returned in the 1949-50 season. A first internal study of the club has concluded that there were 129 the games in which Puig led the team, although the data is pending review.

Regardless of the outcome of this Levante investigation, Paco López will complete 129 games in Seville and It will reach 130 on the occasion of Huesca’s visit to the Ciutat de València in three weeks.