Paco León recalls his near-death experience

‘El Hormiguero’ It is one of the programs that has remained standing despite the coronavirus crisis, yes, adapting the format to the current situation. Thus, as we have already seen in other television products, the program has continued to bring guests, but now it does so by videoconference. This Monday, it was the actors and brothers Paco and María León who connected with Pablo Motorcycles.

The interpreters “went” to ‘El Hormiguero’ to present the new season of ‘The flower house’, a series in which the actor plays the transsexual lawyer María José, while María plays precisely her sister. The third installment of this production of Manolo Caro It has been released this week on the Netflix platform.

The actors Paco and María León intervened this Monday in ‘El Hormiguero’ to present the new season of ‘La casa de las flores’.

During their intervention, the brothers were talking about the filming, and Paco took the opportunity to tell viewers a anecdote that happened during the filming of the series in Mexico. According to the actor, the team experienced a strong earthquake in the area that almost took him to “die for smug”Due to his reaction to start feeling the tremors of an earthquake.

The team of casa La casa de las flores ’experienced an earthquake in Mexico

The actor explained to Pablo Motos that, when this happened, he got up in his shorts – it was summer – and thought about getting dressed before leaving the building, despite the fact that there could have been a collapse because of the tremors.

Everything was shaking (…) I was falling, I couldn’t, so I went on all fours to put on jeans, but they didn’t fit and I thought ‘better not a cowboy, not a tracksuit,’ ”he recalled. It was in those moments, when he was debating what to wear, that the earthquake stopped.

Actor Paco León as María José in 'La casa de las flores'.
Actor Paco León as María José in ‘La casa de las flores’.

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