Paco Jémez saves the life of a golfer who had suffered a heart attack

The former player and coach Paco JemezNow without a team, he became a hero last Monday when he saved the life of a man at the A Zapateira Golf Club in A Coruña.

The technician spent 10 minutes doing a heart massage to Ignacio, an octogenarian golfer who suffered a heart attack in the middle of the field and did not respond to any stimulus until he was revived.

It was all a fluke. Jemez He was playing golf on the same course with a friend when the tragedy was chewed. Fortunately, the coach acted quickly while Ignacio’s companions had been blocked, according to La Voz de Galicia.

The coach acted quickly while Ignacio’s companions had been blocked

Jemez He relied on a doctor over the phone when he was performing cardiorespiratory massage, with the aim of pumping blood so that the old man’s heart would beat again, something he achieved after 10 minutes of insisting. Luckily, a nurse arrived to relieve Paco Jemez in the massage for five minutes, until the ambulance arrived and by shocks they managed to stabilize him. He is now in recovery in the hospital in A Coruña.