Pacheta: ‘We will not be aware of what happens in other fields’

The coach of the Huesca, José Rojo “Pacheta“He has pointed out that in the last league game in which his team receives Valencia they will not be aware of what happens in other fields with their most direct rivals for salvation.

“We are not going to look at any other field nor do we have to look anywhere else because we depend on ourselves. and if we are able to give our level we will move forward. I just want to win when the referee whistles at the end of the game “, he stressed.

With the victory, Huesca would ensure permanence While with the tie or the defeat it would depend on what Elche or Valladolid did.

Therefore, the coach’s speech towards his players is “go on, on and on hammer pylon ” because that’s how it has worked for them.

“Although we have suffered tremendous wear from being down in the classification lthe sensations are very good and we have shown that we know how to beat good teams and against Athletic, Real Sociedad and Betis we have played very well, and that gives us peace of mind with the mechanisms we have. My feeling is that we are going to win, “said Pacheta.

The coach from Burgos explained that he is not worried about anything because he has everything “well prepared and analyzed” and that in the event that he had to make other decisions in the game, he has “enough resources” to carry it out.

Pacheta hopes to find a competitive team in Valencia: “It’s okay, he has scored in the last few days and has good individualities and fast players. We will have to be very attentive to his transitions and be very brave and go after the rival.”