Pacheta: ‘The end is very cruel but the road has been exciting’

The Huesca coach, José Rojo “Pacheta”, pointed out after his team’s relegation to Second Division that the end of the season had been “very cruel” but that the road had been “exciting”.

“It was a final full of emotions. We have managed to make us believe and we have learned to win,” said the Barça coach.

The coach from Burgos has indicated that the road had been “fought and suffered”, and that it had been a “tremendous teaching” to the limit of reaching this game “with an outcome that no one wanted.”

He also stressed that he was “proud” of all the work that had been done and that his team had known how to get up and go to the end competing very well.

“We have been worthy competitors and we have been on the verge of achieving the objective,” he added.

Pacheta has revealed that it hurt him that the team’s fans had not been able to see him in his second season in the top flight and that they will not be able to do so in the next one and thanked him for “the love and support” he had shown them.

Regarding the game with Valencia, he pointed out that they had played “to win”, that it hurt him a lot not to have been able to achieve it when they had believed that salvation was possible and that he was “quite screwed up”.