Pacheta: ‘I only think about Levante’

To SD Huesca Ten key days await you to achieve the desired goal of the permanence. Ten weeks that start this Friday at the Ciutat de Valencia stadium, with the visit of the Catalans to the I raised.

And Pacheta, who appeared before the media this Wednesday, only wants to focus on that meeting. “I only think of the Levante, I don’t watch any more game. The story is that you only have to focus on the following, not on the game, if not on training, on what awaits you. Do everything with maximum concentration, because there is nothing else”Said the SD Huesca coach at the press conference prior to the team’s trip to Valencia.

“Every time there is less room for error, but we have reached the last ten alive, training well and playing well. In the last game, we finished twice as many times as the rival team, which tells us that the team continues to show signs. We’re excited“Said the Huesca coach, who also spoke of this Friday’s rival:” Paco López’s team has been with him for many years, it is modern, dominates the space like almost none and it will make us run. We will have to be very tight and make them run. It’s going to be an interesting game. “

This week will count with the loss by injury, -in addition to that of Gastón and Valera-, of Ontiveros, who suffered a fall in training and has to remain with the shoulder immobilized.

“We work so that all the suffering that we carry behind is not forgotten, but that don’t hurt us either. Let’s continue being an equally happy team with the ball, because that is not at odds with the obligation of the competition. It’s a game and we have to enjoy it, but staying focused until the final whistle. We try to keep the player’s head as clean as possible. Because with a clean headYou will be physically better or worse, but it will be fine. We are made to this suffering and it is what will lead us to be consistent ”, assured Pacheta.