Pablo Rivero stars in the greatest ‘trolling’ to David Broncano in ‘La Resistencia’

The actor and writer Pablo Rivero, known for his role in the series ‘Tell me how it happened’, visited ‘The Resistance’, program led by the comedian David broncano. Normally it is the presenter who plays the jokes on his guests in the Movistar + space, but this Thursday it was not like that, since he took a good ‘trolling’.

Pablo Rivero attended the program to promote his third book, ‘The girls who dreamed of being seen,’ and he did it in a way that did not leave anyone indifferent.

“Pablo Rivero has bought the website. Do you remember Marina Salas? Yes, your website expired and we bought it from you. Well I play. Fucking fox, Pablo, ”wrote the‘ La Resistencia ’account on Twitter.

At the beginning of the program, Rivero gave a copy of each of his books to David Broncano, Ricardo Castella and Marcos Martínez, but after that surprised with “another gift”. The actor asked Broncano to enter the website, as a surprise awaited him, and he did.

Upon entering the page, he came across all kinds of literary promotions, “Is this serious? I don’t believe it, ”Broncano started saying. They gave him back his own medicine, since a few days before the program did the same Marina Salas when buying the domain of its website.

“Pablo Rivero has come to troll me at my fucking house. I haven’t seen it coming, ”Broncano said with a laugh, who even got up to shake Pablo Rivero’s hand. “My respects, my tens,” Broncano concluded.