Pablo López: ‘I wish with all my strength to be able to hug’

‘Unikornio’, the new CD of Pablo Lopez it is a journey to the emotions “a work of introspection, of things that could happen to anyone”. He launches it after confinement by covid, a disease that “I suffered very early on, on February 27, when it was said that there were only 60-something infected in Spain. I suffered it at a time of uncertainty and I had a bit of a bad time, it was a new and unpleasant sensation “and he asked” prudence, please, because otherwise we will not be able to move forward and we can get into a big mess “.

The singer from Malaga says that “what I want the most is to be able to hug, I can’t live without hugs and I’m really screwed. The day they say is over, whoever is next to be prepared because I’m going to hook up with him -laughs-. Afterwards, I would also like to see smiles on the street. Joy, social conscience and hugs those are my wishes for 2021 ”.

The ‘La Voz’ coach explains that a concert without an audience is much worse than a tennis or football match without fans. “May football and tennis forgive me, but a concert without an audience is not comparable to a match without an audience. Music is a two-way language, it is a dialogue. In fact, I have never done a virtual concert. We had, not the luck but the courage thanks to the effort of the team to go and play in 2020 and we did 30 concerts. 29,000 people came to see us, keeping all the security measures. But I cannot live without concerts and concerts cannot live without people because it is a dialogue ”, he declares Pablo Lopez.