Pablo Laso (Real Madrid): ‘Barça has many weapons, it is very dangerous’

The coach of Real Madrid, Pablo Laso, has ensured that his team has dominated the game against andl Iberostar Tenerife from their defense, which has allowed them to win the duel in the semifinals of the Super Cup of the ACB.

In the press conference after the meeting, the Merengue coach was satisfied because they have managed to function as “a team”, in which all the players who have entered the court “have been capable of contributing things.”

“The strength of the team is the team, and I am very satisfied with this situation,” regardless “of whether I think they should” improve things. “

Pablo Laso He has commented that they have been “superior” to a Lagunero team, which was a rival “with very good players in all positions”.

As for the final this Sunday against Barça, the coach has stated that the team is “aware” of what is being played, “before a great team.”

“We are going to try to make our best game and our best basketball,” he added. Pablo Laso has said that the Barça he is a “very dangerous rival” who “has many weapons.”