Pablo Díaz trembles: Javier Dávila, legend of ‘Pasapalabra’, returns to the program

Good news for fans of ‘Pass wordbad news for Pablo Diaz: Javier Davila it’s back. The salamantino surprised in his premiere on Antena 3 sending him to the blue chair after his first duel. An almost flawless premiere. Almost because he signed a heart attack with 24 hits and a single miss in the letter ‘f’.

But who is Javier Dávila?

Born in Salamanca in 1963, he is a professor of Civil Law at the University of Cantabria and an official of the Cantabrian Government. In addition, he has a television past that has elevated him in competitions as a legend.

Javier can boast of being the third contestant in the history of ‘To know and to win’To reach 100 programs. It was in two batches: the first in 1998, when he participated in 84 consecutive deliveries. Years later, in 2006, in a play-off among the contestants who were about to reach one hundred, he completed the match. In the contest presented by Jordi Hurtado, Dávila pocketed nothing more and nothing less than 90,025 euros.

“I really like to see them, although when you are inside you enjoy them much more. After going once, the bug bites you, that’s why I I try to introduce myself to those who are. It is wrong to say it, but I enjoy it, I have a good time with that tension and, if you earn money on top of it, much better ”, he assured years later in an interview with Diario Montañés.

And it is that, the salamantino also lived two previous stages in ‘Pass word‘. When the contest was still broadcast on Telecinco, Javier Davila he managed to eliminate Marta Terrassa, who a few days ago said goodbye to the program. As if that were not enough, he was also in ‘Pass word en Familia ’, a special that also hosted the chain of the Mediaset group.