Pablo Díaz, new winner of the ‘Pasapalabra’ boat

Now yes! This Thursday, July 1, 2021, the popular contestant Pablo Diaz has finally managed to get the desired accumulated jackpot of ‘Pasapalabra’Of 1,828,000 euros. The canary hit all the definitions of ‘El Rosco’ of the Antena 3 program and, in addition, thus breaks with the drought that has dragged the contest for almost two and a half years without seeing a new winner.

And it is that it has not caught us by surprise. It was an open secret that this Thursday Pablo Díaz was the new winner of the millionaire jackpot. Antena 3 already dropped it two weeks ago with a video promotional in which the contestant was seen just one word from completing ‘El Rosco’ and with 50 seconds in his pocket. And so it has been!

Pablo Díaz and Javier Dávila gave each other a big hug.

Even Pablo Díaz himself was shaking social networks during the last hours that today, Thursday, July 1, something very important was going to happen. “Good morning guys. Today I woke up and all my social networks are such that. Can someone tell me what’s going on please? ”The canary wrote on his Twitter account.

The violinist, who arrived at the ‘Pasapalabra’ contest on June 26 of last year, He has taken the millionaire jackpot after 260 attempts in ‘El Rosco’ of the program. Even Roberto Leal, host of the space, shouted with emotion when he saw that the canary correctly hit the letter “X”, the one that separated him from the coveted prize.

Pablo Díaz, very excited

The contestant could not contain the tears of emotion after getting the accumulated jackpot of 1,828,000 euros. What’s more, Roberto Leal was also moved and they merged into a big hug with the canary. In addition, the Tenerife native received warm words from his parents, who entered on a video call to congratulate him on the millionaire jackpot.

Pablo Díaz, new winner of the 'Pasapalabra' boat

Pablo Díaz, new winner of the ‘Pasapalabra’ boat