Pablo Díaz explains how he also found love in ‘Pasapalabra’

Is the man of the moment. Pablo Diaz has been on everyone’s lips since last Thursday, the day he made history by getting take the 1,828,000 euros from the ‘Pasapalabra’ pot.

Since then he has given a barrage of interviews in which he has explained the keys to his success … and also details of his private life that until now we did not know.

This is the case of his sentimental situation, which also shines with its own light. And it is that in addition to almost two million euros, of ‘Pasapalabra’ also had a nice relationship.

It’s about the singer-songwriter Martha Wheat, with whom he coincided in the contest “because he went to the blue chair of the program and as a result of his participation we started talking and there was a crush“, Although they already knew each other virtually”because she has a channel on Twitch and YouTube that I started to follow”, As he explained to‘ La Vanguardia ’.

Pablo has no problems when it comes to recognizing that he is “very happy because he is a wonderful person and we love each other a lot”, Since for him Marta is “the best of Pasapalabra”.

To celebrate the victory, the young man from Tenerife 24 years He was in ‘The Hormiguero‘, Where he chatted with Pablo Motos about his experience in the program presented by Roberto Leal.

What a joy male. Congratulations”, Said the presenter at the beginning of the interview and, immediately afterwards, Díaz revealed how he felt when he saw that he knew all the words of his last‘ El Rosco ’.

At that moment the world comes over you. When you listen to the entire first round you say, “My God, I have them all.” And I started to get it right and it’s a situation that makes your hands fall asleep, you start to shake. An incredible feeling”, Revealed the musician, who did acknowledge that“ in some of them he had a little doubt ”.

Likewise, Díaz recalled that throughout his time at ‘Pasapalabra’ he had stayed up to 12 times one word from completing ‘El Rosco’.

Especially one of those 12 was very popular. And in that case he also thought he had it. It was an ‘H’. They asked me a Carthaginian general. And it could not be. But look, not having won it there it means that I have 600,000 euros more”Commented the man from Tenerife with humor.

Motos has asked him precisely about the boat, who wanted to know if he has already discovered how much he will have left after passing through the Treasury. “Here in Madrid it stays like a million clean, approximately”, Revealed Díaz.