Pablo Díaz answers uncomfortable questions in ‘El Hormiguero’: ‘Do you flirt a lot?’

The great protagonist of yesterday’s session was Pablo Diaz. It is because of that Jordi Évole, who was invited to the program last night ‘The Hormiguero‘, He asked Pablo Motorcycles call the contestant of ‘Pass word‘.

“When I participated in Pass word and I didn’t have to do anything, I would blow everything up, but when he touched me I was distracted and failed, “explained the journalist as they tried to contact the popular violinist.

When going live, Pablo

Diaz he narrated what had happened in his own words. “I got 24 questions right and I missed one about a general from the Punic wars with the H,” he said. “Then I was googling and it turned out that they both fought the same battle.”

“Tell us the true. You are waiting for there to be more pasta in the pot and today you have deliberately failed ”, he asked Évole. “Until the boat of The Rosco of Pass word at two million euros, I will not take it ”, was the funny response of the young man. “It’s not very hard. When the nerves are on the surface … Let’s see if there can be more occasions, let’s hope so ”, he added.

Following, Pablo Motorcycles revealed that Diaz he has “total hearing.” “One question, does someone fart and do you know what grade it is on?” The ants asked. “It depends on how bad it is. No man. There are sounds that are too noisy, but a note is, “he admitted.

On the other hand, Locks He asked him if “he is more involved in being the winner of Pass word or violinist ”. “It depends on the violinist and it depends on the winner of Pass word. Since I’m not a winner yet, I don’t know, “he replied. Diaz. “Sure, you haven’t eaten a bagel yet,” said the ant.