Pablo Carreño, champion in Marbella after beating Jaume Munar

The gijonés Pablo Carreño, seed number 1, was proclaimed champion of the AnyTech365 Andalucía Open, ATP 250 tournament that was played in Marbher (Málaga), by overcoming in the final on the clay of the central court of the Roman Bridge Club to Majorcan Jaume munar with a 6-1, 2-6 and 6-4, after two hours and twenty of play.

The favorite of the tournament honored his condition and won without problems in the first round by a loose 6-1, with which it was intuited that the match would be resolved quickly.

However, the Spaniard did not want to settle the game and displayed his best version to equalize the score with 2-6 and force a final third set.

That third set came to an exciting 4-4 ​​and Carreño broke the serve of Munar placing 5-4 and bordering on the title, which he finally achieved with a final game that ended with a direct serve, the only one of the match.

The doubles were the first to dispute the title of champions in a match in which the pairs made up of Ariel Behar-Gonzalo Escobar and Tomislav Brkic-Nikola Cacicazgo.

The Uruguayan and the Ecuadorian got more profitability from their game and took the first set 6-2 without giving the rival pair much choice.

In less than two hours the match was consummated, since the second set also fell in favor of Behar-Escobar with a 6-4 that served to proclaim themselves champions.