Özil, the last victim of Florentino’s audios

Mesut Ozil, footballer of the Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013, he is the last player to appear in the audios of the private conversations of Florentino Pérez that the portal El Confidencial is publishing this week and that they are putting the white president on the ropes. In the audios revealed to date, the president has been very critical of Boxes, Raul, Figo, Guti or talking about your relationships and plans with the media.

In this case, the conversation corresponds to October 2012 and in it you can listen to Florentino Pérez talking about the German playmaker, about his adaptation to the city of Madrid and about her love life. The white president also explains a private conversation between Mourinho Y Ozil in which the coach sends a warning to the footballer.

“This one came here with a 21-year-old girlfriend. It is one of these third generation Turks … and discover Madrid, male. In other words, neither Turkish, nor cock, nor third generation nor the girlfriend. Send the girlfriend to fuck her ass and change her life. He falls in love with an Italian model, from Milan. Then he would take the private plane, go there, get laid and come back ”, is heard in the recorded conversation.

And one day it’s time for the eggs to Mourinho, which is very funny, and says: ‘Hey, OzilThey call the bream to him, can you let me speak to you in confidence, as if he were your father? ‘and the poor kid says:’ Yes, yes, of course, ‘. ‘Look, that chick you’re dating has been fucked by all of Inter, all of Milan, including the coaching staff of both teams. ”“ He ended up leaving her. See if it is an acorn animal that tells him: ‘including the coaching staff’, the recording ends.