Oyarzabal: ‘The final is a unique moment’

The Cup final climbs positions at the speed of light as a priority issue within the Royal Society. For the flagship of the project, Mikel
Oyarzabal, “a unique moment” is coming. The youth squad does not believe that his immediately previous international commitment has to be an “excuse”, although he admits that being concentrated with the Spanish team on the eve of the La Cartuja appointment will be “a rare situation”.

According Oyarzabal, “The best way to get to the next one is to win the previous game,” says the Realist captain on the Radio Euskadi program ‘Out of Play’, aiming for the final. Winning the title would be “a dream come true,” he says. The top scorer of the current realistic squad affirms that “there is no other option” but to win.

A derby for the title, which will mark an era forever, “is great for Basque football” in the words of Oyarzabal. He credits that “it gives value to all the work that is done in the quarries” of Real and Athletic and laments at the same time the absence of the most sacred heritage of both entities: “It is a shame that there are probably no people in the field.

Athletic is “completely different” from the San Mamés derby on December 31, points out Oyarzabal. He argues that, “due to the arrival of the coach”, Marcelino, the rojiblancos reach the final “with renewed ideas and illusions.” If La Real approaches its “best version”, the Eibar is clear that “we will get closer to victory”.

“We’ll see what happens” with penalties

“Nobody likes to fail”, he reacts publicly Oyarzabal to the third penalty in a row that he missed. “Less in a situation like this,” he adds. Always sober, the ’10’ of the Real was a bundle of oaths as soon as the maximum penalty was wasted. “It did not sit well with me, I will try to learn because it is clear that I shot badly.” One reason for the gazapo may be that “every day it is more difficult to shoot penalties and score goals because everything is being studied more and more”, he argues that “the mistake is part of football” and although he declares “calm” and “with confidence” , leaves a halo of unknown whether it will continue to be released: “We’ll see what happens.”