Oyarzabal: ‘Maybe one day the club or I will not want him to continue at La Real’

Oyarzabal he feels like the “happiest boy there is here” after becoming a legend by transforming on Saturday the penalty that gave Real the third Cup in its history. The Eibar has enjoyed a few historic days to the fullest but he also knows that this continues and that it is time to start thinking about tomorrow’s derby in Anoeta.

We do not want them to feel forced to do the corridor, it is worth to me with the respect that we saw on the field

When Real and Athletic meet again tomorrow, the rojiblanco team should make the corridor to the txuri urdin as tradition marks but the blue and white captain, in an interview with the program ‘El larguero’, has assured that “we do not want them to feel obliged to do so. It works for me with what we saw on the pitch, with the Athletic holding on until the end that you have to know how to do it and they knew how to do it very well, with a lot of respect ”. Although it is possible that a large part of the Txuri Urdin fans do not agree with this position of the Eibar, Oyarzabal He adds that “although the rivalry is very great, there is respect. We have friends on the other team who have played with us and we don’t want to do any harm out of that. We are proud to have a team like him Athletic in Euskadi, respect is mutual and great ”.

He was clear that in the next penalty he took he had to change something

Oyarzabal He gave the Cup to Real after having missed three of his last four shots but this time “we were clear that if he was on the field it would be my turn.” The gasoline added to the “10” of the Real was given to him by his colleagues. “It was clear to me but what gave me the most confidence was that my colleagues trusted me 100%, that gave me an extra”. The success could have been that the launch mechanics changed slightly. “There are times when you have to change things, I knew I had to do something different the next time I shot,” said the youth squad, especially “with Unai, with whom I have many stories behind and that we know each other so much ”.

Maybe one day, for A or for B, both the club and I do not want him to continue at the Real

With historic success already on your resume, how easy it is to Oyarzabal It would be playing eternal love for La Real but he is prudent because he knows that, on the verge of turning 24, a lot can happen in his career. “Maybe one day, by A or by B, both on my part and on the part of the Real we do not want me to continue,” says the Eibar sincerely. “There is no use taking oaths ten years from now, only the present is useful.” Oyarzabal, yes, it makes it clear that “I can only say that right now I feel the happiest boy there is here. I feel very beloved in Donostia, even if I’m not from here, at the club, in the city and I can’t say anything else, “he said to finish adding that now” I don’t want to think about anything other than Real.