Oyarzabal, in tears: ‘It is for all the realzales’

The captain of the Real society, Mikel Oyarzabal, has dedicated the title of the Copa del Rey to all the people who, due to the covid-19 pandemic, have not been able to accompany the team at the La Cartuja stadium in Seville.

Oyarzabal, with tears in his eyes, has celebrated that the Real have been able to dedicate the title to all the people who have suffered in this pandemic year. “Giving this to all of them is the best we could do,” he said at the end of the match.

“This is for everyone, for my family, for my friends, for all enhancers,” he emphasized. “I love you all very much, we are champions and we are going to celebrate it one day all together without any doubt”, has abounded.

On the penalty that has given the title to the Real society, Oyarzabal He said that “he was clear about what he was going to do” and “trusted” in himself, the same as his teammates, so he did not hesitate to launch it.