Oyarzabal: ‘I feel happy and valued at La Real’


Oyarzabal he is a precocious star. At 23 years old, he will complete 200 games with the Real shirt if he plays on Saturday against Getafe: “When you walk through the door of Zubieta you do not imagine that this moment will come,” says the captain with a smile. “What I wanted when I debuted was to play, things go very fast and you have to adapt.”

If he continues in the same projection, he would fulfill 400 games with Real at the age of 27 and would stay 199 games Bixio
Gorriz, realistic legend. The Eibar does not think about that: “You are talking about almost 600 games at Real, I am lucky to play a third but Bixio they are big words ”, praised the central. He understands that football is unpredictable: “You may get a serious injury, nothing is fixed here, I’m optimistic and I want to continue improving and growing, but you have to go calmly and cautiously because when you least expect it, football will nail you” he added.

Although it is on the agenda of the big European clubs, it has been the calmest summer for Mikel
Oyarzabal: “I feel valued and respected by everyone, I am happy and I want to continue growing with Real,” he enthused. Of those 199 games played, he stays “with the debut” but also with “my first goal that year, qualifying for the Europa League was a rush and this last year having that feeling of entering a final … It was incredible ”.

We work the same who leaves and who enters

With the departure of Diego Llorente, the central position is somewhat unbalanced if Sagnan and Pacheco are not available. Oyarzabal does not get wet with the reinforcements: “Whoever has to make the decision will make it, we continue working regardless of who leaves or who enters, that is not in my hands,” he haggled elegantly.

Hard match

On Saturday a Getafe always difficult to overcome arrives at Anoeta. The leathery game is totally opposite to the realistic one. Own Mikel
Oyarzabal had a run-in with José
Bordalás during the last meeting between the two in Donostia: “These are things that happen in the field and many times it is inevitable.” The ’10’ understands that “we do not have to get involved in their war, we already know what type of party they are going to raise because the styles are different, the party has to go as we want,” he said.

They asked him about his little slip that caused Valencia’s 0-1: “In the action the other day I had to defend myself and I’m not right, I know, I had to eat it and I assume it because I don’t like the team to suffer because of me, ”the Eibar self-criticized.