Oyarzabal clarifies the controversy of the trumpet

Mikel Oyarzabal has taken advantage of the interview he has given to ‘El larguero’ to conveniently explain the story behind the celebration of Asier Illarramendi playing the trumpet, which has come to be criticized even by the mayor of Bilbao. “Anyone who has known Illarra since he was eight years old knows that he plays the trumpet with the txaranga at the festivals of his town every year.” That said, the Eibar has clarified that it was something “that was not thought of” and that, in fact, “Asier did not bring the trumpet, Carlos Fernández got it, through a contact he had in Seville.” In addition, Oyarzabal adds that “it was played at the party after the game, at the hotel, with the Real’s anthem …. It was a time for us to have a good time, without making offenses, without hurting anyone. It was our moment because we knew that Illarra also played the trumpet ”.