Oviedo wins the derby at El Molinón

Oviedo extended their streak of positive results in the derbies by achieving a new victory against Sporting, by 0-1, with a goal from Diegui Johannesson at the start of the game that the rojiblancos were not able to counter.

The two teams did not come to this meeting at their best, since Sporting had suffered two consecutive defeats for the first time all season, while the Oviedo accumulated seven consecutive days without achieving victory.

However, Real Oviedo seems to have taken the measure against Sporting and the balance in recent clashes is clearly favorable.

It took just six minutes to get ahead on the scoreboard in a play in which full-back Diegui Johannesson finished off a cross from the left by Lucas Ahijado.

Earlier, Aitor García was able to overtake Sporting after a play between Manu García and Djurdjevic, but he shot to the side of the net.

Oviedo was able to put the game on its way in the 19th minute in a quick counter that left Nahuel alone against Mariño, but fired wide when he was in an excellent position to score the second.

The local reply came in a header from Campuzano to the center of Manu García that went away in a few minutes of rojiblanco control.

The arrivals of Oviedo did carry danger and Sangalli put Mariño’s reflexes to the test in a shot from the penalty spot, culminating a long visitor attack in which there were several centers to the area that the rojiblanca defense cleared with difficulty.

Shortly before the break, Campuzano, who reappeared after recovering from an injury, was injured again in a play in which he fought for a ball in the visiting area and had to be substituted.

The first chance of the second half was for Sporting in a shot by Aitor García that Femenías rejected. Then, an arrival of Bogdan after a great pass from Pedro Díaz, but his center was cut by the Oviedo defense.

Grippo and Arribas were at a high level, controlling the top scorer in the Second Division very well, Uros Djurdjevic, who hardly had any shot at a shot.

The changes in the two teams arrived with the entry of Guille Rosas and Gragera for Sporting and Borja Valle and Obeng in Oviedo, moments before a double local chance saved the first by Arribas and the second wasted by Marc Valiente, whose shot of head came out high.

In the last minutes, attacks from Sporting and a strong defense from Oviedo to defend their advantage.

Data sheet:

Sporting: Mariño, Bogdan (Guille Rosas m, 70), Babin, Marc Valiente, Saúl García, Javi Fuego (Gragera m, 70), Pedro Díaz, Aitor García (Nacho Méndez m, 81), Manu García, Campuzano (Pablo Pérez m, 43) and Djurdjevic.

Real Oviedo: Femenías, Diegui Johannesson, Arribas, Grippo, Lucas, Sangalli, Edgar, Tejera, Borja Sánchez (Bolaño m, 83), Leschuk (Obeng m, 73) and Nahuel (Borja Valle m 73).

Goal: 0-1, m.6: Diegui.

Referee: Ortiz Arias (Galician Committee). He showed a yellow card to Arribas (m, 8), Lucas (m, 51) and Babin (m, 78).

Incidents: Match played in El Molinón without an audience.