Osasuna obtains 2.7 million euros of profit despite the health crisis

Club Atlético Osasuna closed last December with a profit for its coffers of 2.7 million euros, a figure that will decrease during the second semester until closing the campaign with a profit of 300,000 euros, approximately.

Until December 31, the club’s turnover was 27.9 million, an amount similar to the previous season despite the impact that covid-19 is having on the beautiful game. Likewise, the net worth increased, going from 22.5 million in December 2019 to 23.7 last December, the rojillo club has reported.

2.5 ‘kilos’ a year ago

The entity chaired by Luis Sabalza has managed to increase its sponsorship income despite the health crisis. A year ago, in December 2019, advertising revenue was 2.5 million, while as of December 31, 2020, 3.7 million had already been entered.

Another good news comes from the hand of the former rojillo soccer player Álex Berenguer, since the Navarrese club has received 1,375 million from Torino due to the last payment of the player’s transfer and 38,000 euros for the delay in the payment of the same. In addition, the additional 1.5 million remain pending after the transfer of the player to Athletic Club by virtue of the contract signed by both parties.

Osasuna places its net debt at 43 million euros, a very significant increase if you look at the 31 corresponding to June 2020. This is due to the 16 million requested by the club as a loan for the reform of El Sadar and the actions on the Colosseum that were not contemplated in principle (replacement of all seats, changing rooms or changing the cover preferably).

Since the arrival of covid-19, Osasuna has stopped earning more than 10 million euros. On the one hand, LaLiga will pay 95% of the planned television contract this season, a figure that will mean 2.5 million euros less for the Pamplona entity.

The lack of public in the Spanish stands has meant that Osasuna has stopped receiving 3 million from its partners and 1 million for the general public through the box office. On the other hand, the club will have to contribute almost 1.5 million euros to that fund over five years, as LaLiga has agreed with the clubs for test, protocol and travel expenses.

Looking ahead, the stadium loan will suffer a significant reduction, and with it also the debt, having to face a payment of 3 million this season and, in the case of certifying permanence, another 3 million in the 2021-2022 season.