Osasuna denounces Torino to FIFA for Álex Berenguer

Angel Ardanz, manager of Osasuna Athletic Club, explained in the presentation of accounts that the Torino has not made the last payment agreed for the signing of Alex Berenguer, the amount of which amounts to 1.3 million euros. Not only that, but the Italian club has not paid the 1.5 million that had been stipulated for selling to the extreme to Athletic Club last October.

Before the complaints and requirements of Osasuna, he Torino He has not said anything yet and for this same reason the Navarrese team has been forced to go to FIFA to claim the almost 3 million euros that the Italians owe them.

It is not the first time that the club has gone to FIFA. Already did it with Alvaro Fernandez, but he got a frog. Claimed 10 million euros for the transfer to Monaco, but the trial has already cost him 88,000 euros in trial fees.