Oriana Marzoli tries to explain her exorbitant expenses after having participated in various realities

The participation of Oriana Marzoli in ‘La Casa Fuerte’ has been a real television earthquake. The young woman has starred in confrontations with the vast majority of colleagues, including her boyfriend Iván González. There are many details of his private life unknown but the great unknown that surrounds him is money. Much has been speculated on this subject due to the quality of life that the extronist leads, as well as the luxurious collection of bags that she has in her possession, with firms such as Prada, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci among others.

The Venezuelan has sat down on ‘Save me’ to put an end, once and for all, to the insinuations that have been dropped on her and has tried to justify the exorbitant expenses she has made in recent years.

Oriana explained that her main source of income is each and every one of the realities in which she has participated. The most important, without a doubt, are those of Chile. Thanks to them, the young woman can maintain herself today thanks to everything she has saved.

“I spent 26,000 euros in a month when I left ‘Survivors’. Then I cut the card. With the cache I earned in Chile, I could spend 6,000 euros a day on three bags.” I have savings from the realities. I also earn money with social networks “, has explained.

In addition, after becoming an official contestant on the new Telecinco format, ‘La Casa Fuerte’, the salaries of all the protagonists were revealed. According to the journalist Rocco Steinhäuser, they would have charged between 1,000 and 3,000 euros a week, in addition to everything they have been achieving during the tests.

Also, and through her Mtmad channel, Oriana clarified whether she owed money to someone, an unpleasant controversy with which she also had to forcefully end: “At the moment I can pay for myself all by myself. No friend pays me anything”.

Her mother defends her

Cristina Marzoli has had to stand up for her daughter on more than one occasion: “I keep the accounts for her and I am more aware than anyone. He is an influencer, has two million followers and works his Instagram very, very well. He is very professional. It does a lot of promotions and has a pretty good cache“he said on the set of Mediaset loud and clear.