Oriana Marzoli sprouts against Lola’s father after pronouncing these words

With the change of days in its programming, ‘Survivors’ returned to the small screen one more Wednesday. Presented by Carlos Sobera, the program lived a night full of emotion and, of course, encounters on the set of Mediaset.

One of the great protagonists of the night was Oriana marzoli. The Venezuelan returned to the Telecinco space as a former contestant. And, it did not last long, the television station also passed through Honduras a few seasons ago.

This Wednesday, Marzoli he had them with Fernando, Lola’s father. The contestant’s relative wanted to ask the collaborator of the space for an explanation for her aversion to her daughter. “This is long overdue,” assured the father of the former participant of ‘The Island of Temptations’.

Oriana Marzoli sprouts against Lola’s father in ‘Survivors’

It was then that, with a phrase, Fernando made the Oriana: “Your boyfriend was looking at my daughter’s ass,” he said, looking directly at the young woman who got up quickly to refute his words. “There is no comparison,” Oriana defended herself saying, visibly upset by the comment.

Are you blind? Have you seen my perfect and upturned ass to look at your daughter? ” Marzoli. “Do not make things up. This has neither head nor tail ”, he ended up saying before sitting down and ending the conversation.