Order a potato omelette in the UK and the result causes a stir on Twitter

Iago Moreno is a sociologist who lives in Cambridge, United Kingdom, and who is used to collaborating with the media as an expert in digital phenomena and social change. But, in addition, this young man has more than 21 thousand followers on Twitter, where this week he has been the protagonist for a much simpler question: a photograph of tortilla chips.

It all happened when, a few days ago, Moreno shared on Twitter a photograph of a “potato omelette” that he had ordered in a restaurant from Cambridge. In the image you posted, you see what appears to be a tortilla cut into pieces with cherry tomatoes and lettuce. A dish that is far from what is understood in Spain as a potato omelette.

I ordered ‘Spanish Tortilla’ at a bar in Cambridge and they brought me this. For less NATO has bombed countries“Moreno wrote next to the photograph, in a tweet that has gone viral and accumulates more than 20 thousand ‘likes’ and close to 3 thousand retweets.

“Buy a return flight now”

The sociologist’s tweet also has more than 480 comments. There have been reactions of all kinds: some consider that they have asked for it, others have shared their experience with Spanish food abroad and there have been those who have simply laughed at it or, following Moreno’s joke, have made reference to the start of a diplomatic conflict. “Iago, ask permission to come into their kitchen and make them a Spanish omelette. To see if shame strikes them like lightning”Commented one user. “In Cameroon they offered me a Spanish omelette without eggs and without potatoes”Shared another Internet user, among many other comments.