Option of a thousand fans at Barça-Alba and Joventut-Virtus

The Govern Catalan rules out that the new sports season begins “with full normality”, although as revealed Gerard figueras, General Secretary of Sports of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the spectators could return, although in small numbers (1,000) in the European basketball matches that Barça (Friday, March 26) and Joventut (March 23) will play.

This was confirmed in a statement to RAC1. Figueras referred to the meetings Barça-Alba Berlin, Euroleague, and Joventut-Virtus Bologna, of Eurocopa.

”It would not be understood that in some communities international competitions have been held and not in others. There have been in the Canary Islands and in a match of Unicaja of Malaga. We would be talking about a thousand people. We are looking for a solution for professional basketball and soccer teams ”, he commented.

He said that at the beginning of next season it would return “to a certain normality”, although in no case would it be one hundred percent. “There will be a capacity a little larger than we have today,” he insisted.

Figueras recalled that today Sunday “a first litmus test is being carried out, which is also a test of confidence”, after the PROCICAT (Catalan Civil Protection Plan) allow some competitions to have spectators in outdoor facilities.

For example, two Second B teams, Nàstic de Tarragona, who will play against Espanyol B, and Barcelona B, who will face Cornellà, will already have a maximum of a thousand spectators in the stands.

The Catalan Sports Secretary has requested the Higher Sports Council (CSD) that the public return to the first and second divisions of soccer and the ACN “as soon as possible”.