Optimism at Atlético regarding the continuity of Luis Suárez

Atlético de Madrid
is very aware of the immediate, of what will happen this next weekend at the stadium of Zorrilla, where the team of Diego Pablo Simeone, it will be played if it is champion. But beyond that, which is very important – who doubts it – the rojiblanco team has several issues on the table that will mark the future of the coming season.

Some of them very important, capital for the next project. As is the case, for example, of the continuity or not of Luis Suarez. The Uruguayan forward has been key for Atlético this season, with 20 goals and three assists, so that the team of Simeone is one step away from being champion of The league. His goals and the importance of them, he is the striker who has scored the most winning goals, they have been vital.

In total, ten of his goals served for the Athletic win the game, which translated into points, 19 specifically. That being the case, it is not trivial to know if he can be counted on next season or not.


Let us remember that the Uruguayan footballer signed a season with the mattress team, although in reality there were two, but with a nuance, with a clause by which he could be released from the contractual relationship if he wanted to, at the end of the first season . That is to say, this summer he will have to decide whether to continue in the Athletic one more season or take flight, just as he did in his day David
town, who came to the rojiblanco team -also from the FC Barcelona– Under the same conditions.

The fact is that the mattress club are optimistic about the continuity of the Uruguayan forward in the team. At least one more season. In the Athletic are aware that the player and his family are happy in the capital of Spain, but also of the wear and tear involved in defending the rojiblanca in a highly demanding team such as Simeone.

In the Metropolitan Wanda they trust him to continue, but are aware that the decision is in his hand. “It has been a blessing that Luis Suarez be with us. You have the option of staying one more year. I think he’s going to stay, but the one who has to decide is him. He will fulfill his contract and there will be no problem ”, he explained. Enrique
Cherry, president of the Atlético de Madrid, on The

On the meeting that the forward had with Leo Messi on Madrid, he pointed out: “They are good friends, they have shown it in their stage in the Barça and it is good news that one supports the other. ¿Messi, in the Athletics? Each player knows where they want to play, you had to tell Messi”.

Remember that the footballer has several options on the table. In recent months, the possibility that the Liverpool was interested in it, but the reality is that this option seems the last in your preferences. Not so to go to USA, if you decide not to continue in it Athletic, because as recently commented, his dream is to end up in the MLS
, where he Inter Miami from David beckham is very interested in him.