Open letter from Giannina Maradona

Maradona, one of the daughters of Diego
Maradona, has posted on his twitter account an open letter in which he regrets that the family is accused of being the culprits of the spread of the virus in Argentina as a result of the three days of mourning that were lived to honor what is already world soccer legend.

“They decided that Dad deserved it and we went there. They asked us to take him to a place where people could come by and say goodbye. Many came. Some cried, others were completely drunk, ”he writes. “I am deeply grateful to those who came, those who stood in line respecting the other, those who came to pray …”. “What happened is not Maradona’s fault. I would have preferred to stay in a room, alone with my family. Don’t blame him for the infection, ”Giannina writes.