‘Only a madman like Lucas can want to leave Europe to return to South America’

The Uruguayan Lucas torreira, midfielder of
Atlético de Madrid
, rejoined this Thursday to the rojiblanco team’s training sessions in the Majadahonda Sports City, after two and a half weeks of absence with permission from the club due to the death of his mother by Covid-19 last week.

A vital circumstance that has made him change his whole perspective as he himself has explained. Looking to the next course, you do not want to continue in Europe, you want to go back to

South America

to play in


Juniors and being close to their family members at this difficult time.

Torreira, father of the midfielder Lucas torreira, which belongs to Arsenal and is on loan to Atlético, confirmed that there is interest from several South American clubs to take over the player for next season

“From Brazil Interested teams emerged, such as Flamengo or Guild”, Revealed the father of Torreira, in words to ‘DirecTV Sports‘.

The Uruguayan midfielder has a contract with the Gunners until June 2023, but has already expressed interest in disengaging. “There is no news yet on the possibility that Luke wear the Boca t-shirt. His dream of going to Boca is not new, it comes from years. We are looking for the club, not for money ”, continued the father of the mattress player.

Eventually, the player’s father even played with his son’s intention of leaving Europe to return to South American soccer. “Only a madman like my son can want to leave Europe to go back to South America ”, He concluded.