Ona Carbonell shows her pregnancy live

El Hormiguero 3.0’Has said goodbye this week with the Spanish swimmer Ona Carbonell and the singer J Balvin. The athlete and the artist have told Pablo Motorcycles how they are living the confinement by the coronavirus, and in the particular case of Carbonell, how it is also being pregnant in the current context. The Olympic medalist has been open to all kinds of questions and has even shown her pregnancy live.

We are very happy, the truth, looking forward to it”, Assured the leader of the Spanish Synchronized Swimming Team, who announced that she would be a mother in March. For now, she and her partner, the former gymnast Pablo Ibáñez, they have not released the sex of the baby.

On how her pregnancy is being for the elite athlete in the current situation, she commented that “it is complicated”. “You cannot go to pre-delivery classes, nobody in my family has touched my belly. It is my first pregnancy and I have a lot of questionsCarbonell has admitted, although thanks to social networks and the Internet he has been able to find some answers and useful information. “I empathize with women who are in the same situation as me“Added the swimmer.

Ona Carbonell in ‘El Hormiguero’.

Carbonell announced in September the withdrawn from his sports career but she has continued to be linked to her team. The swimmer has also explained that the team continues to train, although out of the water. “A video call with 15 swimmers is very complicated, it is done as you can. Sometimes I train with them and sometimes I help my coach to correct them ”, she added.

The young woman has said goodbye with a message of general thanks to those who fight daily against the coronavirus: “Thank everyone, not only health workers, but also the anonymous people who are doing initiatives at home, because they lThe truth is that we have shown that we are a united and solidary society, and that gives hope to adversity

J Balvin: “We have health, which is the most important thing”

A few minutes later, J Balvin entered by video call. The Colombian singer explained to Motos that, “fortunately, he had just arrived home after having been traveling a lot” when the pandemic began. “We are super good, very grateful. We have health, which is the most important thing, a roof and food. We lack nothing“, Assured the Colombian.

J Balvin in 'El Hormiguero'.
J Balvin in ‘El Hormiguero’.

“There are a lot of people having a hard time. You have spoken of your anxiety, of your depression. I know you do meditation daily. Could you explain for those who have no idea what it is to do meditation and how it is done? ”, Asked the presenter to the international singer. “There are various types of meditation. Contemplation, sitting down to see something, to contemplate it, and there is also the transcendental, in which a mantra is repeated for 20 minutes, ”explained J Balvin, who specified that he practices this second type twice a day.

“I think (meditation) is very important at a time like this when we are adrift and we don’t know what will happen”, Assured the singer, referring to the crisis we are experiencing due to the coronavirus. “If anything has allowed me to have a much more stable life and be calmer it is meditation. Because I’m not a man neither of liquor nor of drugsJ Balvin added.

J Balvin in 'El Hormiguero'.
J Balvin in ‘El Hormiguero’.